Fall 2012

Monolithic Plinth

Advisor : Andrew Atwood

Through new urbanism development in the 70's and 80's, downtown Los Angeles received a resurgence of development; monolithic structures with barren plinths were stamped into undeveloped territories. These plinths while shut off from the dialogue of the streetscape created individual habitats which have defined the architecture and lifestyle of downtown Los Angeles.

This project proposes engulfing downtown Los Angeles in a monolithic plinth, a plinth that becomes what the city of Los Angeles is. A city which is rearranged into corresponding spaces, the plinth inhabits downtown while at the same time preserving downtown. A plinth which is static, against a developing downtown coexists in a parallel and productive relationship.

Build Up & Worm's Eye

Worm's Eye Sections


Plan 01

Plan 02

Plan 03


Elevation Close-Up


Site Plan